Domina by Michelle is an independent Nigerian premium ready to wear fashion brand founded by Oge Michelle Otuya in 2018. The brand focuses on classic silhouettes, infused with unique prints, modern cuts and twists. The brand is built for women who understand the intricacies of quality fashion, who resonates with and values timeless silhouettes.

As a brand focused on sustainable practices , we ensure that clothes are well made, in classic cuts that never go out of fashion, married with our own version of modern interpretation , the goal is for our pieces to become vintage over time, and can be worn years down the line, passed down from mothers to daughters.

We champion the theory of ‘less is more’, therefore, designs are made from sustainably sourced natural fabrics, produced in limited runs, this makes for spot-on overall quality , exclusivity ,and reduced environmental waste. Leftover fabrics are repurposed into new designs, or used in making add-ons such as buttons and motifs, which are ultimately infused future designs.

We put our all in creating every garment, by employing the hands of skilled artisans across Nigeria, carefully crafting and creating each piece, we hope that they are cherished and serves their purpose for a long time.

   Our Mission

  •  To create comfortable , great fitting ,stylish and beautiful investment pieces that last a long while.
  • To encourage conscious consumerism in fashion, by providing staple pieces that can be worn almost anywhere.

  Our Vision
To create a trustworthy, sustainable, loveable international brand, driven by excellence, known for its reliability, top quality products, and great work ethics.