The Creator

 Miss Ogechukwu Judith Otuya created her first fashion piece at age 19 which was a jacket at the time.
Domina by Michelle was born out of her passion to make unique ,purposeful, transitional and ultimately, TIMELESS clothes for women. She officially launched the brand in 2018, and it has been a learning curve for her.

Ogechukwu Michelle Otuya studied fashion in Lagos, she is constantly finding ways to further improve on her knowledge in fashion, in order to grow the brand into a dependable, memorable one with great overall brand experience.

She enjoys creating clothes that flatter women, regardless of their size, for her, comfort is key while designing any collection. Her designs are hugely influenced by nature, art, rich African culture, and classic fashion. Michelle desires that every woman who wears DBM, automatically exudes confidence at the highest level, and grasps deeper at the core of her femininity and strength.

She sees DBM as not just a business, but also as a budding community of women with similar taste in fashion, whom she is obligated to cater to and hopes to always surpass their expectations of the bran