Behind each seam

Ever garment made and sold at Domina by Michelle, means that an artisan is able to work, earn a fair wage, and fend for themselves, Part of our dream is to employ as many artisans as we can, and empower competent Nigerians through working with our team.

Our Values

 Our clothes are made in Nigeria, mostly at our work station situated in Abuja. We make it a point of duty that our staff work in a conducive environment, and are fairly paid, we also, offer them benefits such as health insurance, bonuses, amongst others.


As part of our brand ethos, we are committed to creating beautiful clothes with the best quality possible, while being kind to the Earth. Sustainability and ethical production are  part of  Our identity, we strive to stay on track as we grow internationally.

• Our pieces are well made, and produced in small batches
• Our styles are classic, timeless, and won’t go out of fashion in a VERY long time.
• We make use of Natural and ethically sourced fabrics.

We are building a community of women with similar values, and see every sale as more than just a statistic, therefore we are extremely thoughtful during our product development  process, by having our end user in mind every step of the way. 

At Domina by Michelle, we are intentional about the overall quality of our garments, fit to finish, we hope to change the perception that made in Africa items are of lower standard/ quality.